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Work wear accessories

Brand: Snickers Model: Snickers Flexi Hammer Holder
A popular standard. A metal hammer holder that features a smart, secure design. Ready for on-the-job action.Fits tool fasteners on Snickers trousers and waistcoats and Snickers Flexi Pocket systemOne-size..
Ex Tax:£9.13
Brand: Snickers Model: 9794
A popular standard. Two attachable holster pockets that features a smart design. Fits tool fasteners on Snickers toolvest , trousers and Snickers Flexi Pocket system. Made in extremly durable Cordura® fabric for a long service life.Attachable holster pockets that can be attached either with hook and..
Ex Tax:£14.13
Brand: Snickers Model: 9586
Free and protected. Reinforced fingerless work gloves combining reliable protection with total fingertip control. Features curved design and amazing grip for enhanced working comfort. EN 388.Ergonomic curved design sculptured to minimise restraint and optimise gripThe two closed finger tips are desi..
Ex Tax:£20.00
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